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Members of the project team walked the paths of Oiti and Kalidromo (Photo: Christos Georgiadis)

On June 26 and 27, members of the project team walked the paths proposed for restoration in the framework of Action C.1. Specifically, on June 26, the Project Manager and staff members of the RST walked a path on Mt. Oiti traditionally used by Sarakatsani nomadic shepherds during their seasonal...

Professor K. Georghiou presenting the report of the UoA. (Photo: Christos Georgiadis)

Ms. Anastasia Koutsoulioutsou, a member of the external monitoring team for LIFE projects in Greece and Cyprus, carried out the second evaluation of the project on June 28. Ms. Koutsolioutsou spent half of the day at the offices of ELGO DEMETER, where she was briefed in detail about the...


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